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Mena Arkansas Homes For Sale by Owner

Why Buy in Mena, Arkansas, Polk County?

Mena City HallClean air and water, excellent schools, abundant recreation opportunities.  An excellent "Retirement Community"!  Check these "Homes For Sale by Owners"!  Some great values.  You will not believe what is available at affordable prices.      

Take a Look at the Listings! 


There are many recreation opportunities available
in the Ouachita Mountains. 

Come And Play!

More listings will be added, so return soon! 
If you do not find property that interests you,
visit the following Real Estate Agencies
serving Mena, Arkansas.

Why Sell By Owner?

  • It's easy!
  • It's fun!
  • It's stress free!
  • You can save a lot of money! (Your equity!)
  • Buyers prefer buying direct from owners!
  • It's your right as owner!

Finally . . . Home Owners, Land Owners, and Commercial Business Owners can now present their Home, Land, or Commercial Property, "For Sale By Owner" on the Internet. 

Placement in the Mena FSBO presents your listing to a target audience.... people who already have shown interest in Mena/Polk County, Arkansas.

When you place an advertisement  in the Mena FSBO, your advertisement will be presented to a targeted audience...  those that have already shown an interest in Mena, Arkansas and the surrounding area.  Your listing will be displayed as an individual web page with an address that you can pass on to others or use in a Printed Ad. 

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